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Magic morning

It was a truly magic winter morning when I drove my family from my parents house in Avesta back to Stockholm. When we turned right in the roundabout just outside Sala to continue south, we met the rising sun casting its rays through a light fog and there were a thousand colors of white.

We were too pressed for time to just stop and take out the camera, also knowing that some things never can be rightfully represented. But a few minutes later, I did have to stop, and then grabbed the opportunity to capture the amazing light.

This is Tärna Church just outside Sala, on the way to Enköping. The oldest section of the church was probably built around 1300 and is the eastern part of the existing  nave. During the late Middle Ages the arches and a church porch was added. In 1756 the nave was extended to the west with a stack. The present vestry was built in 1775, replacing an older one.  A full reconstruction was carried out in 1897 – 1898 with a new choir, new vaults and a church tower which replaced an earlier bell.  The conversion was made in the, at the time, very popular gothic revival style, and could almost be considered to be a totally new church.

I actually wanted this post to start with my son freely associating and telling me what he was thinking about when he saw this photo, but he didn’t want to play along. So feel free to share your own associations.