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Luma park

Just playing around with my new Panasonic GH2 …

My main reason for buying it was the allegedly  good video capabilities. During the fall, I’ve spent Monday evenings at Kulturama attending a documentary film course. I can honestly say that I’m no way near knowing how everything works, but I am inspired. A one or two year course totally focused on filming seems more appropriate and I wish I had the time and money for that. But I don’t.

However, with the inspiration and the new camera I hope I can find the time to go out and shoot and just practise. So from now on, I declare this blog alive again, and I’ll use it, not only for still images, but for videos as well.

The image above is from Luma park in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm, and the other one is at the Tvärbanan stop nearby.