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Jesus in ink

I have a hard time deciding upon what newspaper to get or what to eat for dinner, so imagine how much decision anxiety I would have about what tattoo to get.

Luckily for Hip-Hop artist Enrico Palmieri he didn’t have to decide. His first tattoo came at a friend’s studio where he was talked into getting one. A spur of the moment and now he’s hooked and on his way of covering his body with ink.

The photos are from a session he had with my brother-in-law the other day. I was filming the session and took the opportunity to take som stills with my iphone as well.

2013-04-06 11.28.23 2013-04-06 10.07.00 2013-04-06 10.47.28 2013-04-06 11.29.54 2013-04-06 11.27.26 2013-04-06 11.29.38 2013-04-06 11.17.30 2013-04-06 11.05.02 2013-04-06 11.31.24 2013-04-06 11.03.30 2013-04-06 10.06.11 2013-04-06 11.32.37

If you want to see more of my brother-in-law and his ink artwork, you can find him on Instagram as bagyboy. And if you’re curios about Enrico Palmieri you should definitely check out his Hip-Hop band TASQ and listen to some of his music.